lundi, avril 27, 2009

The first Prophecy.

As I was 18, I was still slowly discovering the realms of God's kingdom. Lots of things were new to me as I had made a decision for Jesus only one year earlier.

Curious, I went to listen to a so-called prophetic event where a so-called prophet from Germany was preaching. I was scared to death that he would tell everybody in the room about my hidden sins, but he didn't.

In fact, I was not expecting getting any word from him. I barely knew what prophecy was about. I was very sceptical as the dude was preaching.

After a while, he looked at me and told "I have something for you".

I was thinking "oh shit!"

He told me (I can remember his - almost - exact words):


you will leave everything behind. You will leave your country, your friends, your family. God will lead you to another country.

No one will support you. You will experience real loneliness. Your family, your friends, your church will declare you crazy and won't stand behind you. You will know what suffering means, but through it you will learn God's Grace and Love in the deepest way.

It will be God's way to form you for some bigger purpose.

After that, you will go to many different countries, working with people nobody would think they are Christians. You will do things nobody did before. You will do things nobody understands. You will go to places no Christians would go to.

That's God's will for you."

As a 18 year old teenager, I had just started my graphic design studies, I had a sweet girlfriend and wanted nothing else than staying in Switzerland and live a happy life with her. Some voice in me was telling me "what the guy said is the truth. And it will be without her (my girl)".

I got really panicked. My representation of God was sooo bad that I had the feeling that, if any of this was true, I would be nothing but a tool in his hands.

So I decided to try to live with an intellectual faith and not care about the spiritual stuff anymore. But two years later, I had a time where I was feeling God was calling me, and I told him that if this prophecy was true, then I would agree to do it. (I had ended my relationship inbetween).

Two weeks later I went to Germany to a concert and spent the whole night talking with a guy I met about the Jesus Freaks. It really spinned around in my head... A few other, personal things happened and 9 months later (time for a pregnancy, haha!) I was moving to Nuremberg, Germany. There I could grow, started serving, doing little things in my church, then helping out with the Freakstock festival, leading a home group, then doing more and more for the Jesus Freaks movement.

But the dude had been right. At the beginning, nobody supported me and people called me crazy. Everything went fine (except for the money) 3 years long and then I went through the toughest times in my life. I was suffering, confused, was feeling so lonely (I could cry ;-) ). After a while I realized that I had needed the whole process to finally discover God's Grace and Love and being set free from my tries to deserve God's love. I went deep into that dimension and I believe it is something I have to share with the people around me: Grace! The amazing miracle that took place at the Cross. The reconciliation between the human and the divine.

A few years later, I'm still going deeper into this stuff, learning through good and also tough times, but I think the first prophecy I ever got is getting fulfilled. Now.

I don't know how. God knows.

Well, that's all folks!

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Jack a dit…

Mik! I love to read what God is doing in your life, and how he is pulling you out of your business life so that you can fulfill your call. i love it i love it i love it. i'll be praying for ya too! greetings from the school of supernatural ministry in california! see you soon my friend!

Jacoline a dit…

wow what a crazy story! that's awesome! Better trust the crazyness in it then the comfort. Sounds like God is at work :)
Many blessings on your ministry!

Anonyme a dit…

lo que yo queria, gracias