jeudi, mai 07, 2009

Jesus Freaks 3000 - rocking Bern (Switzerland)!

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to share about my life at the monthly meeting of the Jesus Freaks 3000, in Bern, Switzerland.

Actually I had misunderstood an email I got asking me to preach and I thought I was asked to give my testimony.

But anyway, I talked a bit about the evolution of my life with God, and about what's happening in my life, with the growing wish of following Jesus whatever it may cost.

We had very deep and good talks about prophecy in general, about God talking, and we prayed with each other. The presence of God was almost touchable! I got filled with peace.

I really love this church! They went through good and bad times, everything is not always easy, but it's such a joy and inspiration to see their faithfulness, to see them building the Kingdom, growing spiritually, whatever!

This church has always been there to support me, either spiritually or materially, and I love them. I wish I had spent more time with them in the past.

Well... They're great guys! If you have the opportunity to visit them: do it!

We spent the rest of the evening drinking beer at the Reitschule, a famous alternative, very fucked-up bar near the train station. It was a very good time.

We all went to sleep kind of late, so to get up this morning was a torture!

So I'm back at work now.

Tomorrow, a few friends from Steiger Minneapolis (USA) will visit me and play in a club here with their band. I look forwards to seeing them and will surely write about the day!

See ya then!

2 commentaires:

Sascha und die Welt a dit…

Hey Mik,

das ist schön von dir zu hören, ähm ja ich denke wir sehen uns auf Willow das freut mich sehr mal wieder mit dir zu labern. Mir gehts soweit gut schreibe gerade meine Abschlussarbeit.

grüße aus LE

Jocky a dit…

I like Bern, a very beautiful city. Have been there a few times. But never was able to see the local Jesus Freaks...

On my to do list :)

(Very challening to have french buttons and announcing without knowing that language!)